The French regulated Systematic program is launched by François Bonnin at ING with $1million.


John Locke Investments is created by François Bonnin, as an advisor to the Systematic program.


Francois Bonnin leaves ING with the Systematic program for Cyril Finance and renames the program Cyril Systematic. Cyril Finance takes a 34% stake in John Locke Investments.


John Locke Investments becomes a fully licensed asset management company regulated by AMF, specialized in managed futures.


Cyril Finance is acquired by Oddo, which then becomes a 34% shareholder in John Locke Investments.
The Cyril Systematic USD Fund is launched (Cayman based, listed in Dublin).


Marc Botter joins John Locke Investments as a partner. He brings the High Frequency program, which he has been managing since 2004.


The founding partners along with AMS Incubation (fully owned by BNP Paribas Investments Partners) buy the 34% from Oddo. John Locke Investments is now held 82% by founding partners, 15% by AMS Incubation and 3% by private investors.
The JL Commodity Long Flat is launched.
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