The Fund seeks to take advantage of upward moves in global commodity markets via its trend following investment approach. Where upward price pressure is in evidence in commodity markets then a long position will be entered into by the Fund. Conversely, where downward price pressure is prevalent then the Fund will seek to achieve a flat or cash position. Fixed allocations are made to the metal, energy, grain and soft commodity sectors. This exposure is dynamically rebalanced to ensure the underlying contracts within the Fund maintain their appropriate weighting. On a yearly basis, sector allocations are reviewed and may be adjusted at the discretion of the investment manager.

The recommended investment period is a minimum of 3 years. This Fund may not suit investors planning to withdraw their contribution within that period.

 Key monthly figures for the JLC Long Flat Fund (net of all costs) 

NAV  (Source: John Locke Investments)

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Annualised Return %
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