Cyril Systematic HFM Award 2020

We are very proud to share some great news with you: based on its performance over the past five years, our CTA - Cyril Systematic - has just been awarded the HFM European Performance Awards 2020 prize for Best Managed Futures (CTA) long-term performance (5 years) - under $1bn.

HFM European Performance Awards 2020

This award is the concrete translation of the strategy's remarkable performance track record, and the culmination of our many research projects aimed at continuously improving our ability to identify and capitalize on financial market trends. Specifically, the implementation of a composite market strategy more than 6 years ago allows us to deal with 150 diversified markets, making our Fund unique and uncorrelated from its peers. "Trend-following works because there is a little bias towards trendiness rather than noisiness, and because there exists de-correlated assets such as our JLI composites."

Fran├žois Bonnin, CEO and Founding Partner of John Locke Investments started his trading career as a proprietary trader for a French investment bank where he managed arbitrage between equity warrants, convertible bonds & equities.

As he developed his trading approach, Bonnin understood that the edge in the type of arbitrage he was engaged in would eventually wear thin; the edge would be arbitraged out and he would need to find another strategy.

He spent a lot of time building technical indicators and spotting trading opportunities with the goal of eventually starting a trading firm. "I created software applications that would take advantage of inefficiencies," Bonnin says. "[I] stopped my personal trading to concentrate on constructing trading systems and a research platform. That is how I came to be a systematic trader."

"Trend following works because there is a small bias towards trendiness rather than noisiness."

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